June 10, 2017


6430 Southpoint Parkway, Jacksonville, Florida 32246


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32 Speakers

IT Pro Camp A free, one day learning event

The events that serve anyone interested in the latest IT related technologies
IT Pro Camps offer a conference style learning environment free of charge to all and is open to presenters of all backgrounds and expertise. We encourage local companies to sponsor and participate in their local IT Pro Camp!


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Whether you are a seasoned IT Professional, Developer, Business Owner or Decision Maker, Student, User Group Community, or Anyone just getting started with or want to learn about new IT technologies — there’s something for everyone!
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Are you any of the above for your area and would like to share information about your area of expertise? Then sign up as a speaker at an IT Pro Camp near you.

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Connie Card

Six Sigma – White Belt Certification

This course is designed to give the student a overview of Six Sigma and Lean principles. This program will cover exactly what Six Sigma is and why it is


Donna Buckner


Agile software development is a set of principles for software development in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development,
Connie Card

Lean Six Sigma

Session information coming soon!
Sidney Moore, Jr.






Stephanie Pedrotty

Realities of Body Language

Whether in your day to day conversations or during an interview, what are you really truly saying?  Your words may say one thing but the rest of you might
Samuell Lee

Power of ITIL

ITIL is fast becoming a buzzword with management and IT teams alike.  Why?  What makes ITIL so intriguing for everyone?  In this session, learn exactly what ITIL is and


Henry W. Laster

Disabilities and the work place.

Unemployment among the disabled is almost twice as high as that among the non-disabled, hitting about 16% in the middle of 2010. So it’s


Sidney Moore

PowerShell Toolmaking

This session covers PowerShell toolmaking from a System Admin perspective on making tools for the team.
Robert Cain

Zero to Hero with PowerShell

There are two kinds of people in the IT world. Those who are using PowerShell, and those that will be. In this session you'll learn how to become one


Robert Cain

Pester in PowerShell

So you've been developing PowerShell for a while, or perhaps you're taking over maintenance of an existing set of scripts. It would be great to get extra confidence in


Sidney Moore

Closing Ceremony

Award ceremony, Prize drawing, cake and ice cream social

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Speakers meet the pros

Founder / VP Operations at A.C.E. Creative Enterprise

Microsoft Azure and Office 365 Enthusiast

Entrepreneur | Transformative Speaker | Author | Strategy and Business Development

Chief Technologist at Flowfocus Solutions | Microsoft Azure MVP | Author

Ben is the owner and chief consultant of

Senior Technical Evangelist (more…)

Technology & Business Process Optimization Consultant at Eagle Wings Enterprises, Inc

Finance and Information Technology Sector Manager at CareerSource Northeast FL

Account Executive / Account Manager / Sales Manager

Employer Relations Manager
LeaderQuest IT Training

Client IT Program Advisor (more…)

Sr IT Program Manager at Florida Blue

Java and C# programmer (more…)

Digital Strategist | Bestselling Author

Actor, Voiceover, Customer Service Representative, Technical Support Agent

Senior Research Associate at Citi - Emerging Market Research

Consulting Engineer & Architect- Cloud (AWS/GCP/Pivotal Cloud/VMware VCloud) IT Security/NSX /Ethereum/Bitcoin/Dash

Information Technology Project Manager & Operations Director

Graduate Technology Assistant at Jacksonville University

LAN Administrator Lead at CACI International Inc

25 years experience in the IT industry

Systems Engineer at Bank of America

Campus Director – LeaderQuest IT Training

Community Engagement Specialist – LeaderQuest IT Training

Database Administrator at Enterprise Integration

Chief Architect, Federal Technology Office, AT&T

  • SQL Server Developer (more…)

    CEO of Norfleet Integrated Solutions

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